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Summer Term Begins!

And so, according to our timetable, the summer term begins on Monday April 28.  Looking outside at the weather, you could have fooled me!  But, nevertheless, welcome back to all our students (and especially to level 6 students, […]

  Anna French 25 April 2014  

Women’s Library at the LSE

Further to my post on Saturday about International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, here’s some good news in the Guardian: The Women’s Library, the oldest and most extensive collection on women’s history in Europe, is about to […]

  Anna French 11 March 2014  

International Women’s Day 2014

International Women’s Day has been recognised by the United Nations since 1975, but it has its roots much further back in the early twentieth century (the first National Women’s Day was celebrated in the USA on February 28th, […]

  Anna French 8 March 2014  

Getting To Know Us!

Next Wednesday, February 19th, sees the first of our 2014 Applicant Days, which provide applicants who have applied to study at UoG the chance to spend a day with us, getting to know the campus, staff and what […]

  Anna French 12 February 2014  

Thinking About Postgraduate Studies in History…?

Just a note for anyone who might be interested in undertaking postgraduate studies at the University of Gloucestershire – our own Melanie Ilic will be attending this event on Thursday (February 13th) between 16.00 and 19.00 at FCH […]

  Anna French 11 February 2014  

“Thy Wars Brought Nothing About”

Perhaps because this Thursday sees the 365th anniversary of the execution of King Charles I, both BBC History Magazine and History Today feature the British Civil Wars on their front pages this month. If these journals aren’t always […]

  Anna French 27 January 2014  

When Is History Not History?

Are there limits to the intellectual inquiries historians may make? Our knee-jerk reaction to this, of course, would usually be – should usually be – ‘no’. I wrote a few months ago about Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch’s recent Silence: […]

  Anna French 10 January 2014  

Global History?

The London Review of Books is proud of Alan Bennett’s contention that it is “the most radical literary magazine we have”. Its reputation for radicalism is part of what makes Linda Colley’s most recent essay for the magazine […]

  Anna French 20 November 2013  

“Tudor Monastery Farm”: History in the Media

Television history can get a bad press. To be sure, some of it can simplify the work of the historian and – even worse – therefore distort our view of the past. Some TV history is sensationalist; some […]

  Anna French 14 November 2013  

Reading Reviews in the News

Neil has written before about how useful it can be to read one of the newspapers belonging to the ‘quality press’. To emphasise the point, there were a number of book reviews in the weekend papers which should […]

  Anna French 14 October 2013