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Historians at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

One of the things I most like about Cheltenham is the Literature Festival, which always attracts many world-famous writers – and often some notorious historians.¬† Whatever your thoughts are on the role of history in the media and […]

  Anna French 9 October 2013  

The Disadvantages of ‘Short Work’

The Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-Upon-Avon is a little oasis for researchers and postgraduate students: though it’s affiliated with the University of Birmingham, it’s a long way from the main campus – and that makes it a quiet place […]

  Anna French 27 September 2013  

“Children of devils or Spirits”: History in the Media

History is hot property: it’s on TV and in the news constantly, and even where the focus might not be rigorously academic it’s important to step out of the ivory tower and both understand how history inspires and […]

  Anna French 25 September 2013  

“The most joyful funeral I ever saw”: Cromwell & Thatcher

The life, death and now funeral of Margaret Thatcher is a proper subject of debate – both contemporary and historical. Historians have already begun to pick anew over the former PM’s legacy, but the early modern blog Parthenissa […]

  Anna French 16 April 2013  

Anna French – Reviewing Early Modern Culture

In gathering links for another of my intermittent trawls through the early modern internet, I came across an article in the Los Angeles Review of Books which requires more than just a passing reference. ‘Why Stephen Greenblatt is […]

  Anna French 5 December 2012  

Blogs and the Early Modern World?

I hope to use this space to offer a semi-regular round-up of early modern goings-on across the web and blogosphere – the spirit of Gutenberg is very much alive online, and though as early modernists we may spend […]

  Anna French 13 July 2012