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Memories & Media: the life of a little Italian village through the memories of its people

In academic circles, particularly in realm of more traditional subjects such as History, the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has always tended to divide opinion. On the one hand, the possibilities for communication between […]

  Christian O'Connell 22 April 2014  

UCL-Institute of the Americas Post-doctoral Visiting Fellowship

During the second semester of next year, I’m pleased to say that I’ll be taking up a British Association of American Studies (BAAS) UCL-Institute of the Americas Post-doctoral Visiting Fellowship. The UCL-IA/BAAS is designed to facilitate the development […]

  American 21 March 2014  

Getting To Know Us III

Ahead of that applicant day next Wednesday, here’s the third in a series of video profiles of members of the History team here at Gloucestershire. Dr Christian O’Connell lectures on our American History strand, which students can take […]

  American 14 February 2014  

The Man Who Brought the Blues to Britain: Big Bill Broonzy

There was a very interesting documentary on BBC4 last night on Big Bill Broonzy. I’ve mentioned his song ‘Black, Brown and White’ a few times in class, particularly given its critique of racial discrimination in America in the […]

  American 4 December 2013  

What’s all the fuss about JFK?

This Friday 22nd of November marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. This anniversary has been marked by numerous newspapers articles, television documentaries, radio discussions and even a new film, Parkland, directed […]

  American 22 November 2013  

Graduation 2013

Last Thursday the UoG History team (alongside colleagues from across Humanities and the University) celebrated graduation day 2013!  It was a great day and a good opportunity to catch-up with students who finished their exams over the summer […]

  Christian O'Connell 11 November 2013  

‘African American Music in Italy, 1930-60’

On Monday, October 28th, at 5.30pm in QU122, this year’s series of History Research Seminars at UoG will begin with a paper from our very own Dr Christian O’Connell. We hope to see you there, and as a […]

  American 24 October 2013  

The 1970s on TV: a blend of political and cultural history

By Christian O’Connell:  This weekend I caught this BBC documentary on the 1970s in Britian. Dominic Sandbrook, author of White Heat: a history of Britain in the Swinging Sixties (2006) and State of Emergency: The way we were, […]

  Christian O'Connell 10 October 2013  

Welcome to the History blog!

This is a blog which provides a forum for the students and staff of History at the University of Gloucestershire. Here, we’ll post news on our teaching, student experiences, research, publications, resources, events, and anything else even remotely […]

  Christian O'Connell 1 January 2012