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Dates That Changed The Western World: 1492 and ‘The Age of Discovery’

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. So goes the rhyme that many schoolchildren still learn in order to remember the date which has come to be thought of as the moment Europe ‘discovered’ North America. In truth, this is […]

  Dates That Changed the Western World 6 February 2015  

The Change from A-Level: The Reformation Church and State

Happy New Year to all of our readers! I hope you’ve all had an excellent break. I spent some of my own relaxing, restorative and restful holiday thinking, of course, about A-Level curricula. Why? Well, following my last […]

  Anna French 5 January 2015  

Studying the Renaissance at A-Level and as an Undergraduate

Just a few weeks ago, the students in my first-year survey class were deep into an extract from Niccolò Machiavelli’s famous work, The Prince. First printed in 1532, although available in manuscript much earlier than that, The Prince […]

  Anna French 17 November 2014  

Crucible2, Gloucester Cathedral, and the Godly

I spent some wonderful hours on Sunday at Gloucester Cathedral, taking in the Crucible2 exhibition which is on display there until October 31st. As well as a veritable who’s who of contemporary British sculpture, it’s also a fascinating study […]

  Anna French 8 September 2014  

Early Modern Women, Religion, and the Body

Last week, I participated in a wonderful conference hosted by Loughborough University. Entitled Early Modern Women, Religion, and the Body, the conference explored a very wide range of early modern lives and experiences from right across Europe and across confessional divides. […]

  Anna French 28 July 2014  

Holiday Histories

I’m just back from two weeks away and, as I’ve written before, historians tend to go on their holidays merely to find new histories. The past is, after all, everywhere when you look for it. Indeed, some of […]

  Anna French 7 July 2014  

In A Student’s Own Words: Tom Wilkinson

As we wrote earlier this week, Gloucestershire alumnus Tom Wilkinson has just received award recognising the publication of work based on his third-year dissertation work with us. In this post, he talks in his own words about his […]

  Early Modern 6 June 2014  

Tom Wilkinson on Tewkesbury Abbey

We’re proud and excited about the news that a former student of ours, Tom Wilkinson, has just received a prestigious award for work he conducted as part of his dissertation here at Gloucestershire. Tom’s dissertation, which I had […]

  Anna French 2 June 2014  

The Use of Riches

For historians of the Reformation, bank holidays seem often to include some sort of visit to a church. Sure enough, this weekend just gone found me in Cirencester, a town I had somehow neglected to visit despite having […]

  Anna French 5 May 2014  

Getting To Know Us!

Next Wednesday, February 19th, sees the first of our 2014 Applicant Days, which provide applicants who have applied to study at UoG the chance to spend a day with us, getting to know the campus, staff and what […]

  Anna French 12 February 2014