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The Battle of Tewkesbury: 360┬░ interpretative resource heritage trail

2021 marks the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury. As this date approaches, we have been thinking about the cultural spaces made for commemorating episodes of past conflicts in a local history context. Do these events, separated […]

  Cotswold Centre for History & Heritage 7 December 2018  

Postgraduate Profiles: John Harrison – How ‘Godly’ was Gloucester?

This post comes from MA by Research student John Harrison, who is being supervised by Dr Erin Peters.  Most major studies on the English Revolution and English Civil War mention Gloucester in some capacity. Some, such as John […]

  Early Modern 5 September 2018  

The much-anticipated blog post, or: Commemoration and Oblivion in Royalist Print Culture, 1658-1667

I first became interested in the variety of ways in which people and cultures remember their pasts while studying for a Master’s degree in Cultural Memory in 2008. Since then, my thoughts have mostly turned to mid-seventeenth century […]

  Conferences 23 November 2016