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Performing Public History

What is it to ‘do’ public history? This is a question our students are asked to address in a number of different modules and which I was forced to ask myself as a result of attending a couple […]

  American 9 October 2014  

The Independence Referendum

Exciting isn’t it? And of deep interest to all historians we’d hope. Just recently the expertise we have here at UoG was recognised by our local radio station (Radio Gloucestershire) when I was invited onto the breakfast show, […]

  Iain Robertson 2 September 2014  

What’s in a Review?

Once our work has been published what we academics then look for is for it to be reviewed. This is most often in academic journals (the things we try to get students to read as well as books!) […]

  Iain Robertson 9 June 2014  

Professor Roy Jones at UoG

Over the course of the last year History at UoG has benefitted hugely from our links with three new colleagues: Tim Copeland researches on public archaeology and the Roman period; Charlie Whitham looks at the impact of American […]

  Iain Robertson 5 June 2014  

Getting To Know Us IV

Our fourth video in the series leading up to Wednesday’s Applicant Day features our Course Leader, Dr Iain Robertson. Iain is a Reader in Historical Geography, and discusses in the video what that is, as well as talking […]

  Iain Robertson 17 February 2014  

Thinking about Wateryscapes

How often when we think of a landscape do we imagine it wet? It is nearly always dry; nearly always ‘England’s green and pleasant land’. But for many people, both now and in the past and certainly into […]

  Iain Robertson 5 February 2014  

Iain Robertson:Landscapes of Protest in the Scottish Highlands after 1914: The Later Highland Land Wars, (Ashgate, 2013)

Not unlike the actions of the cottars and crofters who are its subjects, it has taken some time to bring this work to fruition. Indeed, we might push this analogy even further and suggest that the trajectory to […]

  Iain Robertson 25 October 2013  

Iain Robertson – Call For Papers

New approaches to the history of popular protest and resistance in Britain and Ireland, 1500-1900 Workshop 3, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Saturday 2 March, 2013 Landscapes of resistance: figuring the places and spaces of protest and politics past. […]

  Conferences 11 February 2013  

Iain Robertson – Train stations

Oh yes! Now here’s an exciting topic! There’s no reason why I should choose to post this today, no anniversary; no re-opening of a historic but recently refurbished station; beyond the fact that I’ve seen quite a few […]

  Iain Robertson 19 November 2012  

The International Conference of Historical Geographers, Prague

By Tom Carter (PhD Student, History) Dr Iain Robertson and I have just returned from delivering papers at the week-long International conference of Historical Geographers, held at Charles University in the beautiful Czech capital Prague. Here is a […]

  Conferences 15 August 2012