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VIDEO: 50 Years Since the Civil Rights Act

Following on from their attendance at the British Library and Eccles Centre event commemorating 50 years since the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, which you can read about here, Prof. Neil Wynn and Dr Christian […]

  American 9 July 2014  

Independence Day & The Civil Rights Act of 1964

On 7th July Dr. Christian O’Connell and Professor Neil Wynn took part in a symposium at the Eccles Centre at the British Museum on “The Civil Rights Act 50 Years On” followed by a lecture by Professor William P. […]

  American 8 July 2014  

Prof. Neil Wynn interviewed on D-Day for BBC Points West

Professor Neil Wynn was recently interviewed about the impact on the South West of the build-up for D-Day in June 1944. He focused particularly on the presence of large numbers of American servicemen, over 250,000 of whom were […]

  American 18 June 2014  

VIDEO: Professor Neil Wynn on American Literature

Further to Neil’s posts last week, in this video Dr Christian O’Connell talks to him about American literature, the GCSE syllabus, and why students should read as widely as possible.

  American 3 June 2014  

Maya Angelou and African American Literature

  Having just written about the value of American literature, I heard the sad news today of the death of Maya Angelou, one of the writers I listed as a “must read” for potential and existing students of […]

  American 28 May 2014  

Don’t Axe American Literature – or Any Literature!

Like many “cultural warriors” (thank you Mr. Gove for that great title!) and an American historian to boot, I was saddened to read the stories – since denied – that the Secretary of Education, Michael Gove, had axed […]


Professor Wynn Meets with Dilton Marsh History Society

On Wednesday 21st May, I visited Dilton Marsh, Westbury, in Wiltshire to talk about Black GIs in Britain during World War II.  I had previously supported the society’s successful application for a Heritage Lottery fund grant of £17,600 to […]

  American 27 May 2014  

Getting To Know Us V

Our final video features Professor Neil Wynn, who has established a very successful and popular American History strand here at Gloucestershire. Students can follow the American History elements of the course right through from first to final year, […]

  American 19 February 2014  

“Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” – Pete Seeger, 1919-2014

It was with some sadness that I heard of Pete Seeger’s death this morning.  It seemed strangely coincidental with the showing of the Coen Brothers’ latest film, “Inside Llewyn Davis”, which focusses on a folk singer (loosely modelled […]

  American 28 January 2014  

On Being White …

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable being white (I can hear black reader/friends/students laughing at this – “you should try black” they might say.)  Viewing  Steve McQueen’s great movie 12 Years a Slave provided just one of those moments for […]

  American 14 January 2014