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Category: Vicky Morrisroe

Matt Kidd joins the History team

Dr Matt Kidd will be covering Dr Vicky Morrisroe who is on sabbatical this semester. I’m very excited about the prospect of teaching at the University of Gloucestershire next semester, where I’ll be leading two modules, ‘Politics and […]

  Higher Education 25 January 2017  

Vicky Morrisroe’s New Book!

It will come as a surprise to my students to learn that, contrary to the rumours, I don’t spend all my free time drinking wine, eating pizza, and binge-watching Mad Men. In between all of that I have […]

  Dates That Changed the Western World 3 November 2016  

History Dissertation Day

Thank you and well done to all of the Level 6 students who presented their posters at History Dissertation Day on 14 January at the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum in Cheltenham. You’ve made us all proud! Thanks […]

  American 19 January 2016  

History Students Exhibit their Research at The Wilson

Students took part in the first ever History Dissertation Day at The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham. January can be a very stressful time for third-year students approaching the final few months of their undergraduate studies. Weighing heavy on […]

  American 15 January 2016  

Vicky Morrisroe: Article Published in Modern Intellectual History

I have just published an article in the journal Modern Intellectual History, entitled “Sanguinary Amusement”: E.A. Freeman, the Comparative Method and Victorian Theories of Race. This article seeks to revise the conventional portrait of the historian E. A. […]

  Modern 21 May 2013  

Remembrance Day and the University of Gloucestershire Archives – Vicky Morrisroe

With Armistice Day approaching, I thought it was worth drawing attention to a  recent update to the University of Gloucestershire’s Archive and Special Collections Website. The ‘Archive Item of the Month‘ discusses a collection of documents deposited by […]

  Modern 7 November 2012  

Vicky Morrisroe -Commemorating Chartism (Autumn 2012)

Students and staff may be interested in the event “Commemorating Chartism” which is being organized by the University of Wales. The event will be held in the town which was the scene of the abortive Newport Rising of 1839, […]

  Modern 24 October 2012  

Vicky Morrisroe – The End of Men?

A couple of interesting “events” in relation to gender history have caught my attention in the last week or so. The first of these was the publication of Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men: And the Rise of […]


Gladstone’s Library, St Deniol’s – Vicky Morrisroe

St Deniol’s Library This summer I visited Gladstone’s Library, St Deniol’s at Hawarden in Flintshire. Staying for a few nights for a conference, the experience was quite unique – I have never been to a residential library with […]

  Modern 3 October 2012  

Edward Augustus Freeman: The Life and Times of a Victorian Intellectual

On the 21-23 June I attended a three-day residential conference on Edward Augustus Freeman: The Life and Times of a Victorian Intellectual. Held at the beautiful Gladstone Library in Hawarden, the conference explored various aspects of the life […]

  Vicky Morrisroe 2 July 2012