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Yet Another Treat for Russophiles

To add to the list of programmes posted earlier, Start the Week on BBC R4 on Monday 11 January is ‘Russia: Tsars to Putin’. Guest speakers include Simon Seebag Montefiore and Amanda Vickery. Interestingly, Vickery talks a little […]

  Melanie Ilic 14 January 2016  

2016 A Great Year for Russophiles

On the TV, BBC2’s showing of ‘Leningrad and the Orchestra that Defied Hitler’ examines Dmitry Shostakovich’s 7th (Leningrad) Symphony, performed in 1942 when the city was under siege and credited with helping to break the blockade. Amanda Vickery […]

  Events 6 January 2016  

VE Day on the BBC

Among all the celebrations of VE Day, you might want to look out for “First Days of Peace” scheduled for Monday 11th May at 7.30 pm on BBC! West. Presented by Bonnie Greer, the half-hour documentary focuses on […]

  Modern 8 May 2015  

The Man Who Brought the Blues to Britain: Big Bill Broonzy

There was a very interesting documentary on BBC4 last night on Big Bill Broonzy. I’ve mentioned his song ‘Black, Brown and White’ a few times in class, particularly given its critique of racial discrimination in America in the […]

  American 4 December 2013  

The 1970s on TV: a blend of political and cultural history

By Christian O’Connell:  This weekend I caught this BBC documentary on the 1970s in Britian. Dominic Sandbrook, author of White Heat: a history of Britain in the Swinging Sixties (2006) and State of Emergency: The way we were, […]

  Christian O'Connell 10 October 2013