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Erika Mellor on life after History @ UoG

This post comes from our former student Erika Mellor, who graduated in BA History in 2014/15. Like many people faced with the ever terrifying idea of leaving the safe haven that is university life, my prospects narrowed down […]

  Events 10 February 2016  

History Students Exhibit their Research at The Wilson

Students took part in the first ever History Dissertation Day at The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham. January can be a very stressful time for third-year students approaching the final few months of their undergraduate studies. Weighing heavy on […]

  American 15 January 2016  

Why I Study History

This post comes from our third-year undergraduate student, and current President of the History Society at the University of Gloucestershire, Kathryne Ellinger. If you are a fellow History student, I’m guessing that you endure the same reaction as I […]

  Higher Education 16 November 2015  

History Society Trip to Bath

The History Society’s Rachael Colmer writes … In December, the History Society organised a trip to Bath. On a beautifully sunny morning, a group of us explored the town, with some students visiting the Roman Baths and others […]

  Students 16 January 2015  

“My fellow historians, ask not what your History Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your History Society”

Guest Post from Chris Payne: Welcome to the University of Gloucestershire! We hope you have enjoyed your summer and fresher’s week (or what is left of it). Erika Mellor and I would like to take this moment to invite […]

  Students 30 September 2013