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Moving Monuments: Beyond Removal

For as long as humanity has engaged in the process of erecting monuments in commemoration of individuals, events and occasions, there have been others intent on tearing them down. In the United States, the waves of hostility currently […]

  American 25 August 2017  

Studying the Renaissance at A-Level and as an Undergraduate

Just a few weeks ago, the students in my first-year survey class were deep into an extract from Niccolò Machiavelli’s famous work, The Prince. First printed in 1532, although available in manuscript much earlier than that, The Prince […]

  Anna French 17 November 2014  

Memories & Media: the life of a little Italian village through the memories of its people

In academic circles, particularly in realm of more traditional subjects such as History, the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter has always tended to divide opinion. On the one hand, the possibilities for communication between […]

  Christian O'Connell 22 April 2014  

‘African American Music in Italy, 1930-60’

On Monday, October 28th, at 5.30pm in QU122, this year’s series of History Research Seminars at UoG will begin with a paper from our very own Dr Christian O’Connell. We hope to see you there, and as a […]

  American 24 October 2013