UoG Students invited to build Show Garden at Malvern Autumn Show, 2013

ben poulter garden proposal

The Landscape Architecture course has been invited by the Three Counties Show to participate in the Edible Gardens at Malvern Autumn show 2013. The stand is being sponsored by Three Counties Show and Rockford, a city in Illinois, USA as part of a marketing campaign. Landscape Architecture Students were invited to enter a competition to design and ultimately construct a 5m x 5m garden for the show.

The following students were successful with their entries and were invited to the Malvern Spring Show on Friday 24th May to present their designs to Chris Beardshaw and Michael Jay the representative from Rockford Illinois. The students are currently awaiting a decision from the judges in Illinois on which design will be successful in receiving the sponsorship . Decide for yourself via the following links.

Ben Poulter – video here 

Steve Mann & Jake Poloni – video here

Andrew Cheung  – video here

Lai – Yen Chung – video here

Frances Pye & Qian Gao – no video available

Dale Evans – no video available

We would love to hear your thoughts on the entries using the comments box at the bottom of the blog – which ones do you think are the best and why, and give some feedback if you want to.

Many thanks.


Looking forward to seeing the entry when we are at the show. We really enjoyed the spring show.

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