A Professional Practice talk given by Dan Bowles of MHP

Dan, one of our recent graduates, gave a candid appraisal of his own landscape education here in Cheltenham where, he says, it is easy to dismiss the importance of some subjects and modules being studied. The curriculum offered on our course is wide-ranging but focused on both training for the profession and also a general education and it is paramount, Dan argues, to embrace all you can in the few years you are studying. Avoid too many absences, attend the various visits, put in extra effort in areas you are weak. While it is unarguable that you will learn just as much when you start work in earnest – most people will agree with that – it is important to ensure you have a solid grounding academically.

Dan went on to illustrate some of the projects he has been working on recently at MHP, more planning than design, which he says is an interesting outcome given his initial reluctance in that area when at university! So the moral of the tale is to engage enthusiastically with all those apparently uninteresting modules: the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Thanks, Dan, for your inspiring talk!

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