An inspiring talk about landscape inspiration

Jane Fitzgerald White, with the Portus Whitton practice in Cirencester, explained, indeed emphasised, the importance of the why and not just the how of landscape architecture. She herself has always taken delight in gardens and plants and has felt the need to give the same delight to others, her clients, the general public. So what is it that inspires you to create new landscape experiences? The golden sunset, the wind in the trees, birdsong  . . . and then of course the landscape itself. Portus Whitton’s strength, Jane points out, lies in identifying the essential character and potential of each site. The practice has a strong ethos that permeates everything they do: their belief in achieving a better world for people. Each of their projects is unique and bespoke and its story gives an added dimension  ̶  an underlying narrative which makes the outcome much richer. Jane took us through a number of completed projects ranging across historic, healthcare, leisure, educational landscapes and private gardens. All very informative but amazingly inspiring.

Bob Moore

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