UoG School of Law welcomes new students

With induction week completed, new students are beginning to settle into life at the university. Last week saw 70 or so new students get involved in  an action-packed week full of activities, ranging from meeting each other and personal tutors , surveying what the fresher’s fayre had to offer and enjoying a game of skittles at the Suffolk Arms.

Thursday afternoon saw the first School of Law staff/student social skittles match reach a nail-biting conclusion at the Suffolk Arms. Despite the underwhelming contributions of team leaders Jonathan Cooper and Lottie Park-Morton, there was some good scores from both sides with Jonathan’s team just failing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a last round score of 2, meaning a narrow overall victory by 185 to 184!

Special thanks should go to Gillian Ford for organising the event and for doing the lion’s share of putting the skittles back up!


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