Month: November 2016

The future of cryonics and medical ethics

In the first judgment of its kind, the High Court has ruled that a minor was entitled to have her body preserved in a process known as cryonics. What is cryonics? The controversial procedure, not yet available in […]

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School of Law Launches Law Clinic

Last Wednesday saw the University of Gloucestershire School of launch a new Law Clinic. The Law Clinic will offer free legal assistance to University staff and students, members of the public and local businesses, initially in areas such as contract, consumer […]

  Uncategorised 16 November 2016  

Internal mooting and interviewing competitions: the results!

Two internal School of Law competitions took place on Wednesday and Thursday last week as part of the University’s first Your Future Plan Week of the academic year. Interviewing & Advising Interviewing and advising is a crucial skill […]

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The gig economy: self-employed, workers or employees – what does it all mean?

A long awaited ruling from the Employment Tribunal last Friday determined that two drivers who provide services to Uber are ‘workers’ in accordance with the Employment Act 1996. The legal status of the drivers came into dispute when it was […]

  Uncategorised 1 November 2016