Level 6 Employment Tribunal – The Results

As a culmination of their studies on unfair dismissal, the Level 6 Employment Law students today went head to head as part of a mock tribunal. Two tribunals were held, the issue in each pertaining to whether dismissal on the grounds of ‘pulling a sickie’ could be fair, both procedurally and substantively.

The students will now be able to carry forward their skills and knowledge in order to prepare skeleton arguments as part of their formative assessment for the module.


In the first tribunal our judges, Catherine Mayo, Vicki Dick & Shaughney Richards, found in favour of the employer (Joe Knowles) despite the gallant efforts of Pamela Wesley-Adams (as the applicant) and her counsel (Tim Langton, Sara Jeffery & Charlotte Hargreaves). In giving their reasoning, the judges praised Pippy Shephard’s closing speech as providing a concise overview of Victoria Ounsworth & Oliver Scott extensive questioning of the witnesses.

In the second tribunal the judges, now also joined by Lucy Price, were swayed to find in favour of the employee. Craig Wiggall (as the respondent) put up a brave fight with the help of his counsel (Nicholl Innes, Kerry Dyer & Carris Peacey), but the judges were convinced that the employer had not followed proper procedure.  Lauren Ralston and Keeley Price represented the applicant, Katie Griffiths, with precise legal reasoning and direct questioning. This team did particularly well for managing to succeed in the tribunal despite last minute sickness.

Well done to all that participated – the preparation undertaken by all involved enabled the tribunals to run smoothly and provided a useful, practical session for the end of Semester One.

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