UoG Law Clinic: one year on

The University of Gloucestershire’s Law Clinic has now been up and running for an academic year.  Student advisors have assisted over 20 clients with diverse issues including employment law, consumer law, commercial law, starting a business and licensing.

Student advisors have been responsible for maintaining relationships with clients, taking instructions, researching the relevant law and providing advice (all under the supervision of Saba Yousif, a Law School tutor and qualified solicitor).  It has proved a brilliant opportunity for students to develop a range of skills essential to legal practice and professional careers more generally.

Timothy Langton

Reflecting on the last year, Tim Langton, a third year law student says:

“Through the University’s law clinic, I was able to experience the application of my legal knowledge. We met with a range of various clients from the Gloucestershire region and provided them with legal advice based on our studies so far. The responsibilities I took on  have massively improved my confidence, and my interpersonal skills have also developed through having to adapt to each client. It gave me a great insight into the difference between the academic studying of law and how it operates on the ground.”

Nicholl Innes, also a third year law student adds:

“I joined the law clinic in my third year to enhance my CV and develop my skills and knowledge further in certain areas of law but also client etiquette. The law clinic has exceeded my expectations, giving me invaluable knowledge and experience that I will be able to apply in my career path after I leave university. The law clinic has taught me about the importance of time management and how to dealwith challenging tasks whilst working efficiently to ensure the client understands the advice that is given to them. It has been both challenging and rewarding. It has allowed me to work alongside my peers to achieve a shared objective, which is to help and assist the client. It has been a pleasure to work at the law clinic the past 9 months and I highly recommend anyone considering it to do it. Even if you do not want a career in law, the law clinic gives you a wide variety of skills that you can apply in any career. I wish any other students in the future the best of luck if they do decide to work at the law clinic. “

The law clinic will continue over the summer and into the next academic year with some new student advisors obtaining invaluable experience.

Nicholl Innes

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