Month: September 2017

Welcoming the new Level 4 students

Last week the Law School welcomed the new Level 4 students with various induction events. For many of the students who have not studied Law before, the induction week provided an opportunity to start thinking about recent news […]

  Uncategorised 27 September 2017  

A new era in end of life cases?

Cases involving end of life decisions are always contentious and tend to be highlighted in the media due to the ongoing debate as to whether the United Kingdom should legalise euthanasia.  The latest judgment in relation to this […]

  Uncategorised 22 September 2017  

Monkey ‘Selfie’ dispute settled

In 2011 David Slater, a wildlife photographer, took a series of photos of macaque monkeys in Indonesia. Nothing particularly unusual about that, until one of the monkeys, named Naruto,  started to use Mr Slater’s camera to take photos […]

  Uncategorised 15 September 2017