Welcoming the new Level 4 students

Last week the Law School welcomed the new Level 4 students with various induction events.

For many of the students who have not studied Law before, the induction week provided an opportunity to start thinking about recent news stories and the legal impact of them. We focused on three topical stories, considering the sources of law and some specific legal issues raised by them:


The process of Brexit is now in full swing and this provided the students with the chance to consider what the legal significance of withdrawal from the European Union involves. Whilst this news story is very obviously relevant to the Level 5 module of EU Law, the withdrawal from the EU will affect many areas of law.

Privacy and the media

The recent case involving the breach of privacy of members of the royal family provided the opportunity to consider the role of the media and the privacy of individuals. Students provided their opinions on whether the right to expression of the media outweighs the right of privacy of the individuals.  Again, this news story transcends various areas of law, including Tort and Human Rights.

Charlie Gard and end of life decisions

Earlier this year, the Charlie Gard case bought to attention the difficult decisions that have to be made by medical professionals and the judiciary in cases of terminally ill patients. Students considered the various court judgments and debated whether they agreed with the decision to turn off Charlie’s life support.  This case is very significant in relation to the Medical Law module, as well as Family Law.


Another important aspect of induction week is getting to know their peers and the Law School staff. Various ice-breaker activities enabled the students to get to know one another, the University campus and the wider environment.

Treasure hunt

Students were tasked with ‘hunting’ the Park Campus and Cheltenham town to find various places – those important to their time here, such as the Helpzone and our ASL’s office, and those that make Cheltenham the lovely place it is (such as the Pittville Park aviaries and town centre waterfall).  Extra points and prizes were available for photos of certain treasure spots – a few students even managed to find Tracy, our Academic Subject Leader, for their photo!

Maddie and Alisha  Clannad and Jonathan

Ice breakers

Along with ‘guess the celebrity’ and ‘introduce your neighbour’, the ice breaker activities also included a ‘blind drawing’ exercise whereby students were tasked with explaining an image for their partner to draw. The results were extremely varied, but, as the photos show, the best attempt from each group were very close to the original (to the left is James and Darcey’s attempt and to the right is Scott and Rachel’s).

MPJC group  ice breaker  LPM group


On Tuesday night, the staff and student social enabled students to get to know their tutors in a more informal environment. It also provided an opportunity to get competitive – with some even scoring 9s!

Lectures have now started and we hope that after induction week, all the Level 4 students are feeling prepared and ready to start their University experience.

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