Internal Client Interviewing Competition: the results

Second year students Hayley Morgan and Sian Ford were the winners of this year’s internal client interviewing competition. Hayley and Sian were last year’s runners-up so congratulations to them on going one better this year!

The competition involved a mock interviewing scenario where students, in pairs, were asked to interview and then advise a client about a contract law issue. All the information that the teams had to work from at the start of the interview was the client’s name and that that they were in a potential contract law dispute.

The judges noted that the winning pair were particularly good at obtaining relevant information from the client and striking an empathetic approach. Hayley and Sian will each be presented with a £20 amazon gift voucher and will be entered into the external client-interviewing competition.

Congratulations also go to first year students Clannad Bruckner and Emily Axford, who finished as runners-up. Indeed, congratulations go to all competitors who took part; all teams managed to get over their nerves and demonstrated some good interviewing technique. It was a thoroughly enjoyable competition.

Interviewing & Advising

Interviewing and advising is a crucial skill to develop for those hoping to enter legal practice as it is often the foundation on which a client’s matter is built and on which the relationship with a client is built. Indeed, it is a skill that students who get involved in teh University’s Law Clinic will need to demonstrate regularly. However, it is not only important to lawyers, the ability to demonstrate interpersonal skills in a professional context is crucial in many careers.

For more on the importance of client interviewing go to:

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