And it’s time for the Level 6 students to leave us

Below is a open letter written by Kimberly, who has provided us with regular articles for the blog throughout her Level 6 studies:

Just past noon on the 5th of June 2018, we just finished our three-hour long equity exam. I’d like to pass on this one last message.

To our lecturers,

Kate, Richard, Jonathan, Lottie, Mauro, Saba, Gill, Catey, Alan and Paul

Thank you for the knowledge, about law, but also things we’ve never even heard before. Thank you for being accommodating, whether it’s through lectures, organised meetings, an open door or emails; academic, career advice or personal issues. Thank you for the experiences, the things we would have never experienced and the people we wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for your time and effort to arrange them. Thank you for providing us platforms like the student committees and representatives, the Law Society, or even this blog, to be able to express ourselves back to our Law School.

To my fellow students,

Thank you for the everyday, for getting us all through, for the concern and the congratulations and for making us feel that there’s always someone around. Thank you for the questions that made us think, the questions we’ve never thought about, the questions we didn’t feel brave enough to ask. Thank you for all the help, those that made us think and those that reassured us. Thank you to those who have gone before us, you showed us how to deal with it and gave us a hope of a bright future like yours. Thank you for being here with us, for not giving up and not letting the rest of us give up.

To everyone else,

Thank you for shaping our experiences. You might not have thought much of it, but we probably can’t ever express how much those helped us along. Thank you for bearing with us, through deadlines and revision, humouring us by reading through our long essays, through our ups and downs, the frustrations and journey. Thank you for seeing us through to the end, when we finally become graduates, we hope you remember that it isn’t just a triumph for us but for you as well.

If we haven’t emphasised this enough, thank you!

P.S. I’d personally like to give a massive thanks to Lottie and Jonathan for letting me write for the law blog and for helping me on these posts however they can, thank you!

By Kimberly Nielsen in June ‘18

We look forward to seeing the students again in November for the graduation ceremony – good luck to you all!

graduation 2

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