Q&A on Brexit with Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester

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Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester for the Conservative Party participated in an insightful and interactive Q&A on Brexit with the School of Law students chaired by Mauro Pucheta, Lecturer in Law, at the School of Business and Technology, University of Gloucestershire on Friday 25 January.

After a historical description of the concept of representative democracy and direct democracy, Richard explored the challenges that Brexit poses to the British democracy, everyday life, as well as the possible ways out. He also addressed the main legal and political issues revolving around the Draft of the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement. In particular, he analysed the difficulties in finding a solution to the Northern Irish/Irish border issue.

Relying on his extensive experience on trade, particularly in Southeast Asia, Richard discussed the challenges, benefits and drawbacks of the future relationship with the EU. He considers that it is essential for the British economy to secure a free trade agreement with the EU. He also examined the concept of Global Britain and the role of free trade agreements in the UK economy. Without denying the challenges of negotiating with third countries outside the EU, he sees in Brexit an opportunity to strike tailored deals around the world.

Drawing on his historian’s view, he concluded on a positive note by saying that it is important to look at the Brexit conundrum in perspective and try to bring together the country in a time of divisiveness.


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