Induction 2019

Last week we welcomed our new Level 4 Law students to the University of Gloucestershire.  As well as gaining an overview of how the law course runs, the week provided the opportunity for students to get to know each other and the wider Business School community.

Why are you studying law?

On Monday, students were asked their motivations for studying law.  Aside from obtaining a valuable degree, students emphasised that they want a fulfilling career and to learn more about an area that they are interested in. 

Motivations for studying law

Team building and team work

An essential part of studying law is being able to work comprehensively as a group, both within class and outside.  To help develop this, on Tuesday students were taken ‘outside of their comfort zone’ and engaged in an externally run team building activity based on composing a piece of music.  After creating a piece across the whole business school, the law students were given the chance to compose their own unique piece.  When asked what the students learnt during the day, the most commonly cited word was ‘compromise‘.

Once students had the opportunity to get to know each other during this activity, they were set to task to find local landmarks in Gloucester before meeting us at the beautiful Gloucester Docks.

Introduction to the course

Friday gave the students the opportunity to start getting an understanding of overarching legal issues through an introduction to the legal system.  Using current affairs, we then considered how law impacts daily activity.  Students looked at issues such as stop & search powers, the controversy around Caster Semenya and, of course, the legal implications of Brexit!

This week, lectures will commence for all students and we look forward to welcoming back our returning students as well as integrating our new Level 4 students into the community.

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