Your Future Plan – Law Career Event

As part of the University of Gloucestershire’s commitment to employability and career opportunities, there are dedicated weeks of non-teaching where students can engage and participate in future plan activities. The Law School is looking forward to hosting a 3-day law career event next week as part of this initiative.  Monday 28th-Wednesday 30th October will see the Law School host various events and activities, giving the students an opportunity to network, gain insights and learn from professionals in a range of areas. 

What will be taking place?

On Monday, we are delighted to welcome back some of our alumni who have gone on to undertake fascinating and challenging opportunities.  Talks from our alumni will focus on different progression paths and highlight the multitude of opportunities for our students upon graduation.  We will hear from alumni about experiences with CILEX, life as a paralegal, how to secure a training contract, life as a criminal defence solicitor & working as an in-house legal professional.

The afternoon on Monday is then being hosted by BPP Law School who will provide a session on how to get through a law interview: this is a unique opportunity to practice typical interview questions and styles, including face-to-face, video and panel interviews. Make mistakes and learn from them, so that when it comes to your real interviews you are ready for anything that’s thrown at you!  The workshop leader for this session will help hone interview technique and answers to typical interview questions.

Tuesday will start with an opportunity to network with local and regional legal professionals with a diverse background.  From solicitors, to legal executives and barristers, a range of knowledge and insights will be gained.  This networking event will then be followed by a range of workshops:

The inside track: Craig Sharpe from Darlingtons has had a career spanning 25 years working in law, partly as a lawyer and now a marketing specialist for law firms. This background gives Craig an unusual insight into the radical changes in legal practice and the challenges and pressures law firms face. The talk full of real world examples, anecdotes and humour – students will gain valuable and actionable insights into changes to the profession, clients, risk, commercial awareness and adaptability.

Gloucester City Council: Ismael Rhyman will give students an insight into legal work undertaken in the council, opportunities in this non-traditional legal setting and how he came to be there.

A winning CV: A dedicated law CV workshop with professionals from Harrison Clark Rickerbys who will be able to provide invaluable insight into the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ of legal CVs.

Tuesday will conclude with a University wide graduate career & 12 month placement fair where students will be able to speak with a range of employers and placement providers to help find opportunities that suit their interests and skills.

On the final day, University of Law will be hosting the Solicitors Series event.  This is day one of a three day event, the second of which is being held on 13th November at University of Law, Bristol Campus. This follow up event will provide a further insight into the selection process and focus on the different practice areas for solicitors. FREE transport will be provided for attendees of this first session. Wednesday’s session will cover: · An insight into the current legal market · An overview of different types of legal employer · Tips on how to shape your application strategy · Practical advice on how to answer typical application form questions.

The final session of the week is Introduction to Mooting. If you are interested in joining the legal profession, mooting is a must for your CV.  This session will provide an insight into the rules and procedures to get you competition ready. Internal and external mooting opportunities will follow!

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