Helping students with their Future Plan

As the University Future Plan week draws to a close, students studying on the LLB have had the opportunity to meet with a wide range of legal professionals and academics to get an insight into life in practice and opportunities to develop their skills.

Day 1

After the alumni ‘paths into law’ session on Monday, Stephan Richards from BPP Law School gave a practical session on how to get through interviews with top tips and techniques. Students gained an insight into the four question types that they might face with practical guidance on how best to structure and deliver the answers. With peer feedback, students had the opportunity to practice answering some of the most commonly asked questions. Receiving practical guidance on those hard to answer questions, students are now equipped for ‘what are your biggest weaknesses?’, ‘why do you want to be a lawyer?’ and those hard-to-call commercial awareness questions (amongst many others).

Day 2

Tuesday started with a networking event with Willans, Harrison Clark Rickerbys  and MW Solicitors – 40 students from across all levels had the opportunity to ask legal professionals with different backgrounds questions about practice, qualification and the realities of law. The day then proceeded with two very different, but very illuminating, talks about working in law.

Students speaking with legal professions over coffee and pastries

Craig Sharpe’s (Darlingtons) talk focused on the realities facing the legal profession and how law students and graduates can ensure they are ready to face the changing legal world. With the development of the internet and the increased number of solicitors, Craig emphasised those key skills that students need to be equipped with beyond their core legal knowledge.

Ismael Rhyman (from Gloucester City Council) was a practising solicitor in criminal law but, with an interest in moving into civil matters, is now an Officer for the Local Authority. Ismael provided fascinating insights into how working for a local council has the ability to expose you to legal issues without needing to be qualified. From eviction notices to nuisance, officers of the council are able to attend court and draft legal documents. Students unsure of whether they want to qualify as a lawyer were fascinated by this alternative career path that would allow them to utilise their law degree in a practical manner.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pippy (a 2017 graduate from UoG) and Jack from Harrison Clark Rickerbys kindly provided the students with a practical CV session. After discussing the dos and donts of a legal CV, students were offered the opportunity for 1-2-1 feedback on their CVs. In a competitive market, whether looking for work or placement opportunities, having a well-structured and written CV is a must and the students really appreciated Pippy & Jack’s insights.

Day 3

On Wednesday, University of Law came to deliver their ‘Solicitors Series’ workshop which provided an insight into the current market, the different types of employers and practical guidance on applications. Wednesday’s workshop was Part 1 of a wider event being hosted by UoL and those that attended the session during this week will have the opportunity to attend the Bristol campus for a follow up day looking at selection processes and different practice areas. This is a must for those hoping to qualify as a solicitor.

The final session of the law event for Your Future Plan was an introduction to mooting. Mooting as an extra-curricular activity provides the students with the opportunity to develop their advocacy and research skills and is a highly respected activity to have on your CV. At the University, we encourage all students to undertake a moot in their first year and also enter inter-University competitions. Wednesday’s session provided an overview of how moots operate and the expectations; the students got in the mood by trying on the gowns! We hope that the students enjoyed the activities and sessions put on throughout this week.

The time and insights given by the legal professionals that came in is really appreciated and the Law School at the University of Gloucestershire is lucky to have such great links with the local (and regional) profession.

Tom, Yazz, Meg, Sophie, Xia (Level 4 students), Francesca & Jehane (Level 6 students) getting in the mood for Mooting!

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