Law During Lockdown

As we settle into the new routine of working and studying from home, many of us will be reflecting on the impact of the Government’s guidelines on social distancing on many spheres of the law.

From non-performance of contractual obligations to human rights implications of quarantine, there have been plenty of novel legal issues raised by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not only is the pandemic impacting on legal obligations and duties, but so too is the process of administering the law also facing a dramatic change.  The use of online video calls to proceed with court hearings has been widely debated, with some applauding the adoption of remote hearings, whilst others have expressed concern over how justice might be affected by this approach.

Over the coming weeks, as the pandemic and the Government’s response to it develops, we will be posting updates on the impact of lockdown on the law.

The first blog post, which will be uploaded later this week, will look at the implications of the new measures on a variety of family law issues.

Stay safe, stay well & stay up to date with our Law during Lockdown blog posts.

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