Alumni Spotlights: Law to Financial Services

A law degree is extremely versatile and transferrable and therefore a great option for a degree irrespective of whether you see a career in law or not. Employers look upon law degrees very positively, given the skills and knowledge you obtain. One of our graduates from 2015, Anthia, now has an established career in financial services and has provided some insights into how her degree has supported this career:

“My name is Anthia Omari-Amoako, I graduated in 2015. I currently work in Legal & Compliance for a Top 40 Bank in the city of London. While in I was in university, I never envisioned a career in financial services, I was absolutely determined to pursue a career in law but I fell into Compliance as a sort of happy accident and I haven’t looked back since.

I will say that a law degree is one of the most versatile degrees you can ever have and it has stood me very good stead in my career so far. My law degree laid the foundation for the role I’m in currently by combining for love of the law with my love of financial services. The ability to understand and breakdown legal regulation is one of the many and incredibly relevant skills I learnt doing my LLB study in UOG.

In concluding, I’ll encourage you to utilise the support and the expertise of your tutors to the fullest extent.”

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