Lawyers’ Day in London

As restrictions in England continue to ease, the law team took the opportunity to take a group of students to London recently to gain exposure to some of the key legal institutions in the country.  On a sunny Thursday, during one of our dedicated Future Plan weeks, students had an in-depth tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, strolled around Lincoln’s Inn and heard about the history of the Old Bailey.  The day finished with an opportunity to visit The Clink Museum to see how crime and punishment has changed over the years!

Royal Courts of Justice

Opened in 1882, the Royal Courts of Justice house over 100 court rooms, hearing both High Court, as well as civil and criminal appeal, cases.  The students got to take in the majestic entrance of the RCJ, as well as navigate the corridors to hear about the history and procedure of the courts. 

Lincoln’s Inn

Lincoln’s Inn is one of four Inns of Court, bodies which have the exclusive right to admit individuals to the Bar in England and Wales.  In order to become a barrister, admission to one of the Inns of Court is required.  Peacefully set off the hustle and bustle of busy London, Lincoln’s Inn’s stately buildings provide places for training, dining and socialising.

The Old Bailey

Often seen on the news, the Central Criminal Court has been the setting of some of the most infamous criminal trials over the years.  The site was originally used a prison, but was subsequently turned into a court, with the most recent building being opened in 1907.  Housing 18 court rooms, the Old Bailey hears around 3,000 criminal cases per year.

The Clink Prison Museum

The Clink Prison Museum is on the site of an old prison, famous for holding many heretics and criminals over the years.  Documenting the range of punishments that could be administered over the years, the museum serves as a reminder of how far our criminal justice has evolved.

Seeing the legal institutions in person allow students to visual the administration of the substantive law they learn throughout their LLB. Such trips are invaluable and we look forward to more trips over the coming years!

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