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Is Driving Someone to Euthanasia Murder?

On 23rd September 2015, Van Dongen’s former partner, Berlinah Wallace, threw a glass of sulphuric acid into his face. He was taken into hospital and suffered physically and mentally. Fifteen months after the attack, Mr Van Dongen travelled […]

  Uncategorised 30 April 2018  


News coverage of the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar has slowly died down within the last three or so months. However, it has been reported that within the last few days, Rohingya Muslims are slowly returning to Myanmar. However, […]

  Uncategorised 19 April 2018  

A diary of a week in Vietnam

In March, a group of 11 second year law students travelled to Ho Chi Minh city for a week to experience the culture and legal regime of Vietnam.  In amongst various cultural trips, including the Mekong Delta, Cu […]

  Uncategorised 18 April 2018  


Everyone should be somewhat familiar with the 5p charge on plastic bags, or more formally, the levy imposed by the Single Use Carrier Bags Charges (England) Order 2015. Large businesses, which are defined as retailers who have 250 […]

  Uncategorised 16 April 2018  

Police Blanket Immunity Overruled?

On 21st February, the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed an appeal by the police over an earlier ruling that they would be liable for their failings in investigations involving John Worboy’s victims. Lord Kerr in Commissioner of the Police […]

  Uncategorised 26 February 2018  

#UoGLawTrip18 – A Review

After a busy week for the international field trip, students have taken the time to reflect on the trip and provide some of their views and insights into the institutions we visited.  A jam-packed schedule meant we were […]

  Uncategorised 22 February 2018  

And we are off again!

Yesterday, a group of Level 5 Law students left for Dover ahead of a week long European trip. Whilst on the trip, we will visit various European and regional institutions and will keep the blog updated throughout the […]

  Uncategorised 12 February 2018  

Oxford graduate loses £1m claim against University

If you get a 2:1 instead of the desired First, and as a result have to consider alternative career paths, can you sue the University for negligent teaching?  The High Court ruled not in a long-awaited judgment given […]

  Uncategorised 9 February 2018  

Caveat emptor- buyer beware in the 21st century

The internet wise twenty first century consumer buying goods or services might think that this is just an arcane phrase, a remainder  from the days before the consumer had extensive statutory protection.  But  this is not always the […]

  Uncategorised 8 February 2018  

The future of legal process & social media

There has been much controversy about the use of social media and it’s impact upon the application and enforcement of the law. Just this week, Katie Price appeared in Parliament after a petition was launched to make social media abuse […]

  Uncategorised 7 February 2018