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Save yourself money

Hands up, who likes saving money? Live Smart’s Power of the Purse month has some serious thrifting hacks to keep your pockets full and your planet happy.

First on the agenda? We’re talking about food – bon appétit!

#1 Bulk buying is often cheaper and saves making as many shopping trips. Plus, whipping up three or four portions at once to seal or freeze for later is likely to prevent you from wasting your food. It’s also a more efficient use of your time, your money and your oven’s energy bill.

#2 Better yet, cook with friends! Just think: you only have to pay for a fraction of the ingredients, there’s only one set of washing up, you’ll only have to cook every few days, and the oven only goes on once, keeping those energy bills in check.

#3 Not only are veggie meals the more sustainable option, they’re also cheaper than their meaty counterparts just about everywhere you go, including the refectory. Sites like Meat Free Monday or Part-Time Carnivore are great places to start.

#4 ‘Ugh, I need to do a food shop’. Not yet, you don’t! Type what little you’ve got into Love Food Hate Waste and it’ll tell you what recipes you can scrape together to make the most of your leftovers.

#5 Take the time and click here to learn when food is still good to eat. Food may still be perfectly good once it’s past its ‘best before’ date, but not once it’s been thrown in the bin – then you’ll just have to buy more.

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