Smart Swaps – 5 sustainable switches to pocket those pounds!

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The world is turning its attention to more responsible habits – Lidl is cutting back on plastic packaging and no longer selling plastic carrier bags, The Co-op plans to introduce compostable bags, and Iceland own brand products will no longer contain palm oil.
That’s the big brands, but there’s loads you can do too.
Oh, and it could save you a little money in the process….
Here’s 5 tips from the Live Smart team.


Sound familiar?

Students are notorious for spills and mess in general, so evidently kitchen roll is a prized commodity. The good news is you can save yourself a pretty penny and reduce waste by investing in fabric cloths at the same price, or better still re-cycling some old rags. Simply pop them in the wash rather than the bin.


A little greenery can go a long way to stave off the January blues. Switch out dried, store-bought herbs for fresh, live plants!
You can buy the seeds or plants just as cheap, (also at your local supermarket) and then keep them alive for a long-lasting supply of aromatic goodness – great taste with fewer food miles and without waste.
Herbs like basil and chives are particularly resilient for an easy windowsill herb garden. Even if you fail to follow some steps, compost, sun, and water will usually do the trick.


We’re not suggesting you hike everywhere, but consider switching out to a cheaper method of transport. The petrol, parking and maintenance costs of a car speak volumes about why you may want to consider an option that’s easier on your pocket, and the planet. From bike routes to bus passes, check out Live Smart’s full Smart Travel Race video for more details!


Simply switching from 40°c to 30°c when you do your washing gives you a quicker wash, with less impact on your energy bills, and, as you can see from this Live Smart short, your clothes come out just as clean.
Bonus points if you invest in a clothes horse to to air dry – that tumble drier is not easy on the pocket, or the planet!


Ok, this is a bit obvious! We know you know…but water falls from the sky – and your tap- so there’s no need waste those precious pennies buying bottled water in stores.
Even if bottles make it to the recycling bin, plastic can only be recycled so many times, so why not take a leaf out of UoG’s Water Polo Team’s book, and switch to a single reusable bottle to take the strain off your purse and the planet?

So that’s just about it this time folks…

Even picking up on just one of these changes is great step in the right direction!
Be sure to explore all sorts of money-saving alternatives Live Smart has been releasing throughout the past couple of months on our social media. Comment your favorites, or even add your own advice on living smarter!
And don’t forget our website with lots more tips to Live Smarter:
Happy savings!
Dan and the Live Smart team

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