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Improve your community

We’re rolling out a new theme with a whole host of golden opportunities for you to get involved in- Including the chance to win £300!

What’s The Community Theme About?

Community is both local and global. It’s about connections, celebrating diversity, and working together for the good of all.

The United Nations has 17 Global Goals to improve the sustainability of communities by the year 2030. These include gender equality, health and wellbeing, sustainable consumption and production, and climate action.

So whatever your passions, this theme’s got you covered!

Want to win £300? Team up to help #TeamGlos!

Here at the Live Smart Team we’ve set up some pretty cool challenges for you to get involved in from a Cathedral campout, to neatening up a forest.

You and your friends or societies will get a chance to take on some rare opportunities to dive into your community, put something on your CV, and potentially walk away with £300 on top of it.

Click on our flier below for all the info:

How else can I get involved?

1. Save the date

Join our community celebration – April 3rd Gloucester Cathedral. Free food, music and culture.

2. Tell your friends

In the true spirit of community tell your friends about our theme and get them involved! We’ll be showing off all the amazing challenges students have been involved in, as well as sharing u food and music from the global community. Not to be missed!

3. Watch out for our upcoming social media posts

If nothing else catches your eye, follow us and you’re likely to find something well suited to you that hadn’t crossed your mind. We’ll be gracing your feed with student-geared posts for improving the way society works around you. FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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