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Wellbeing- something we can all get on board with

Preventing and treating substance abuse, providing universal sexual and reproductive health care, and decreasing road injuries- these are just a few of the United Nations’ targets for 2030 surrounding Wellbeing.

Whilst some of the 17 Global Goal are pretty lofty and hard to grasp when they’re so far from home, our new theme is a little different in that a lot of these issues are right on our doorsteps. I imagine most of you can empathise with at least one of these causes.

Which is why Live Smart has a Wellbeing Theme

Live Smart is for students, so we’re not going to shy away from very real student problems that are the hardest to get help with- problems that I personally heard from students in halls before this theme began.

Wellbeing is also essential to sustainability. Taking control of your physical and mental health has to come first because sustainability is something built to last effectively, day after day, generation to generation. Poor health, by definition, doesn’t fit into that ethos. Think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- you have to take care of yourself before you can realise more potential.

You’re the most important thing in your life. Where are you on Maslow’s Hierarchy?

What to expect throughout our Wellbeing theme

Consider our next few blog posts as a handy pocket guide for all things wellbeing-related. We’ll pool advice from the SU’s health pages, MyGlos, Big White Wall, trustworthy sites like Talk to Frank, and many others to create a little personal archive of links and advice on stress, health, eating disorders, drug abuse and more.

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Get us Involved

Is your society running any events or initiatives towards similar goals? Let us amplify your voice! Use our content, contact us and ask to be mentioned in our posts, suggest topics for us to talk about or ask for our involvement directly to promote your work. This theme aims to support students improve the Wellbeing of UoG, so we want to be as involved as we can.

Keep In Touch

This theme is likely to strike close to home for a lot of students, so follow us or let your friends know to keep an eye out for what we’re up to.

Thanks for reading!

Dan from Live Smart


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