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Living sustainably means taking care of yourself and others as much as it means caring for the planet, so this blog is full of useful links and practical tips for taking the reins on your mental health and managing stress.

Let’s be fair, Uni can be tough!

Even if you don’t suffer any diagnosed mental health issues, Uni is not easy, so from one student to another, here are some down to earth, effortless, practical and genuinely useful snippets of advice that you might not find on your average google search….

The two minute rule. Keeping your living space tidy is really useful for keeping stress out. The satisfaction of clearing a dish, or making the bed, is worth the two minutes of “ugh” it takes.

This forces a smile, which releases endorphins. Strange as it sounds, doing this for a couple minutes (preferably in the privacy of your home) while you try to work on an essay will boost you mood and positivity.

Would you be friends with someone who speaks to you the way you do? You’re going to live with yourself forever, so you’d best get along. Be sure to reassure yourself and even apologise if you get yourself down.

Where can I find professional advice?

Ok, so we know a few quick health hacks won’t fix everything. Everyone experiences stress, or dips in motivation, and it doesn’t hurt to read into it properly. There are an abundance of sites that offer professional advice for every level of temporary, permanent or chronic mental state. Check out one of these pages if you need a go-to site for mental health advice, or even just to better understand the needs and experiences of a friend who is suffering.

  • Under the ‘Resources and Info’ tile on the Myglos app, you can click ‘Health and Wellbeing’ to find yourself at the Myglos wellbeing page, where you can book confidential appointments with professionals, contact emergency lines and more.
  • You can find similar content under Myglos’ ‘Get Support‘ tile, which also holds a link to Big White Wall, a 24/7 anonymous support site.
  • The SU Health pages are also a great source of help for a whole variety of wellbeing-related issues

There’s also a whole range of apps to check out on MyGlos!

Got something for us to share?

Wellbeing is all about helping eachother, so send in your own personal hints and tricks for us to post, one student to another.

If you know of something related to wellbeing going on in the uni, bring it to our attention so we can help put it out there. We’d even love to have a hand in any events or goings-on.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow for this theme’s wellbeing advice- we’ll be sharing a sorts, so tell a friend who’d enjoy it.

Dan from the Live Smart Team đŸ™‚

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