That’s a Wrap!

The final theme of the year. Out with a bang…

It’s All Been About Living Smart

This year we’ve linked up with quite a few global sustainability goals, and wellbeing was no different. Global Goal 3 is about caring for ourselves and others inside and out, even when balancing the toughest parts of life (hmm… deadlines, anyone?).

So what did we get up to for this one?

We Teamed up with the SU

Your Student Union has been hosting all sorts of events to socialise the stress of deadlines away, and that’s right in line with our agenda. While the United Nations has heftier goals like universal healthcare, it all starts with lifestyle choices like these- letting a little sunshine and laughter take the edge off a tough day.

Cold Fresh Fruit Between Lectures

Now this little event of ours just defines wellbeing – having a laugh with (or at) your mates while you get a little physical exercise peddling for a healthy drink in the sun, all with the SU’s Velcro football dartboard in the background.

It was great to see so many surprised faces eagerly hopping off the path to come give it a try and top up their moods between lectures.

Needless to say, it went down a treat.

And if you missed out on free pizza, give us a follow to keep an eye on all our events next year. It was great to see you all there, personalising your own pizzas to be fired up in minutes in the Edible Garden oven. We were hoping to set up an environment to eat, drink and relax – mission accomplished.

“Why Don’t We Know About This?”

Some of you were surprised to find an entire garden tucked away on FCH Campus, and even more so when you learnt you could arrange to have your own spot to grow things. The Edible Garden is shared between the Uni and local residents, so get in touch on their Facebook page if you’re interested.

Growing and trading your own veg is sustainable on so many levels, not to mention that gardening is great for your physical and mental health.

See, It’s Not So Hard

While your pizzas cooked, lots of you (myself included) flocked to Alison from the Live Smart Team to test how green your thumbs are. With a simple pot, some soil, and pennies worth of seeds, you saw it’s not hard to introduce yourself to a little self-sufficiency, and have a laugh while you’re at it.

We’d love to see how your plants are doing by time this blog is out, so send in your progress pictures- our social media handles are on the pots, so no excuses!

That’s All For Now- And All For The Year

Wellbeing was this year’s final theme, and the Live Smart team won’t look the same next year. Thank you all for taking part and helping us do what we do, and be sure to follow us so you can be on board right from the start next year.

This is Dan from Live Smart,

Signing off.

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