Meet the team: Charlotte

Hello everyone!

My name is Charlotte Homer and I am a final year Law undergraduate, I also happen to be President of the Opportunity Society so you might happen to see me about!

I am the new Live Smart Co-ordinator for the University of Gloucestershire Sustainability team and as Live Smart Co-ordinator I will be getting you all involved in the Live Smart challenges – taking part in some existing community-focused activities.

I’m also leading on an exciting end of year event that I know you’ll want to take part in! Watch this space!

New to Live Smart? Here’s what we’re all about…

At Live Smart we want to encourage you to get involved with our Sustainability ethos and take simple steps to live smarter – helping you and supporting these Global Goals .

Look out for our student hacks and other ways to get involved.

We have already seen amazing involvement from students and across the whole community with the recent Cheltenham Climate Strike that saw all types of community groups come together in support of Climate change activist Greta Thunberg and the urgent action needed against climate change. See what happened here

What have I been up to so far?

My first few days as Live Smart Co-ordinator has seen me develop my own research into Live Smart, review upcoming Live Smart projects such as the Live Smart Challenge, Live Smart Influencer role, and the end of year Live Smart Challenge event – so its safe to say we have some exciting stuff coming up!

If you want to find out more about Live Smart and what that means then follow us on social for regular news from me and Nikki (the Sustainability Communications Co-ordinator):

@twitter, @Facebook and @Instagram

Your new Live Smart Co-ordinator,

Charlotte Homer

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