Climate Change – What is your university doing to take action?

Since the recent climate strikes, we often get asked ‘what is UoG doing to take action on climate change?’

Universities are complex places – often with multiple campuses and old buildings. This makes climate action a big challenge for everyone, but we take this mission seriously, and we’re making great progress.

Here’s what we’ve been up to so far, and how you can help us go further.

Reducing emissions & fossil fuel divestment

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Since 2005 we’ve reduced our direct carbon emissions by 47% despite growing our campuses – that’s more than most other universities.

Since 2018 we’ve also had no university investments in the fossil fuel industry – hooray!

What can you do?
  • Save energy! – Saved energy is saved money. At home that’s straight to your pocket, and at uni, that’s money we can re-invest in a better student experience for you!
  • Travel smarter! It’s no secret that the transport industry is a big polluter across the globe. So to cut down on this, why not walk or cycle instead of taking the car, and use public transport when these are not an option. Check out our website here for more information on smarter travel.

Student-led climate action

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In September 2019, Yolande Boosye, leader of the UoG Green Team Society, organised the Cheltenham climate strike that saw hundreds take part, including students and young people from local schools as well as staff and local people. You can catch up on her blog on the day here.

Since the climate strikes Yolande met the Vice Chancellor with the Sustainability Team, the SU and senior University leaders to discuss next steps on carbon reduction as part of our wider sustainability strategy.

What can you do?

Sign up to the Green team and get involved! As well as educating their members and the community on issues such as climate change, they also seek to take meaningful action that aims to bring about real world results.

County Energy Strategy

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In May students and staff joined the launch of a new energy strategy to help Gloucestershire tackle climate change and the University has a seat on the group that developed it. As follow up, our student leaders were asked to join the youth panel to help drive its implementation. Read about more this here and find out about follow up work here.

What can you do?

Become an influencer – creating change isn’t always about placards and protests. Become a Live Smart influencer to engage fellow students and work strategically with university leaders for the future you want.

Renewable energy

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This summer we signed a £50m group corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with 19 other universities, that allows us to purchase power sourced from a portfolio of UK windfarms.

We’ve also installing new solar panels at Oxstalls this academic year which will more than double our renewable energy generated onsite, following an SU AGM vote in summer 2018.

What can you do?

Switch –   If you’re living at home or in a house share, why not see if you can switch your gas and electricity provider to a Green one? Or recommend your family back home to make the switch? Renewable energy providers include the likes of Ecotricity, Octopus, and Bulb. These suppliers all have great ‘Refer a Friend’ offers too, so it’s good for planet and pocket!

Thanks for reading – stay in touch….

We hope you’ve been inspired by the actions being taken by your university to help tackle climate change, and if you would like to do your bit, we have many more hints and tips on our Live Smart website at

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