Launching our community challenge!

In a nutshell….

“A great way to support the local community in line with the UN Global Goals, whilst boosting your CV and having fun along the way! All with the added perk of being in with the chance of winning some amazing prizes!”

Charlotte Homer, Live Smart Co-ordinator (3rd year Law student)

Community – What’s that really about anyway?

Community is both local and global. It’s about connections, celebrating diversity, and working together for the good of all.

The United Nations has 17 Global Goals to improve the sustainability of communities by the year 2030. These include gender equality, health and wellbeing, sustainable consumption and production, and climate action.

Now we’d like to invite you and your friends to get involved with this year’s Live Smart Community Challenges, with the aim to support the UN Global Goals by making a difference to our local community.

So what’s involved in this challenge I hear you ask?

Well, full details can be found right here:

Need some inspiration?

Check out these examples of last year’s participants and what they did for their Community Challenges!

  • Women’s Volley Ball Team & The Green TeamCompleted a litter pick around Cheltenham, collecting over 5000 pieces of litter!
  • The Uni E Sports Games Raised £1000 through fundraising for ‘Special Effects,’ a company that designs video game controllers for the disabled
  • The LGBT+ Society – Our previous winners, for raising awareness in the community on hate speech, gender inequality and the LGBT+ community through their event ‘Can I come out now?’
Last year’s winner the LGBT+ society represented by James Wood

Why should I get involved?

Prizes – and we’re talking real money here – check it out!

If that’s not enough to tempt you though, why not have a think about how an experience like this could enhance your CV and improve your job prospects for the future?

Taking part in a Community Challenge will show a strong talent for teamwork, experience in project management and both skills and knowledge around sustainability and the community, both of which are becoming highly sought after by employers.

In addition to this you’ll be able to attend the end of year event in Spring 2020, where everyone will be celebrating all the great work that’s been done and prizes will be announced for the winners of the challenges!

To top it off, you get to have lots of fun and make real life changes to your local community! A pretty rewarding experience don’t you think?

Ok I’m in! What next?

So if you’d like to be involved but haven’t yet decided on a challenge idea, don’t worry! At this stage you just need to express your interest by contacting the Sustainability Team. We can even help you with ideas if you’re not sure where to start.

Challenges can be completed by individuals or as a team. So grab a few mates, perhaps from a society, your halls of residence or maybe from your course group.

If you’d like to take part in a challenge but don’t have a group and you’re not keen on doing it as an individual, do not despair! Just get in touch with us and we will help you to find some other groups or individuals who also want to take part.

You can contact the Live Smart Team by emailing Charlotte at

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