Love Food, Hate Waste

Did you know across UK households, we waste 7 million tonnes of food every year, of which 5 million is actually still edible?

Wasted food is wasted energy (the equivalent of 37 million cars’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA), but it’s also wasted money. Your money!

We know that some things must go in the bin… like the egg shells after making yummy scrambled eggs on toast….But so much of what we throw away can actually be used to make yummy dishes, we just need to think outside the box a little.

So here’s some tips to save you money, reduce waste and create some tasty dishes.

1. The Food Shop

So first things first… How can we shop better when it comes to food?

Live Smart tips:

  • Only buy what you need! – We’ve all done it, popped to the shops when you’re hungry and bought enough food to feed a full lecture hall! More often than not much of this food goes to waste. Only buy what you really need, especially for foods with short expiration dates.
  • Plan your meals! – Before you set off to the shops, plan your meals and snacks. As well as being a better use of your time (no aimlessly wandering around the food aisles looking for inspiration) but it also means you can create a list and stick to it – minimising the risk of buying more than  you need and overspending!

2. How do I store this?

Much of our food goes to waste because it’s not been stored correctly. But there’s lots of ways we can overcome this.

Live Smart tips:

  • Put it in the fridge! – Many types of food last longer in the fridge and having your fridge at the correct temperature can make refrigerated goods last 3 days longer! Though most UK fridges are set at the wrong temperature, so use this handy tool to check what yours should be set at:
  • Don’t let it go, freeze it! – Just about all foods can be stored in the freezer (just not ones with high water content like cucumbers). If you’ve got food that’s just reached its ‘use by’ date, freeze it! Then you can simply defrost it when you need it, and eat within 24 hours. No need to bin it!

Not sure what you can and can’t freeze? Check out this really handy A-Z food guide on storage by Love Food Hate Waste –

3. Use it, don’t lose it

Correct storage can help your food last longer, saving you money and helping the planet. But what do you do with the food you think is a little past it’s best? Or those ingredients that don’t seem to go with anything else in your cupboards? Here’s some suggestions:

  • Blend it! – So much fruit and veg is wasted because we throw it away after it’s gone a little softer than we’d like. But this isn’t necessary. This fruit and veg still has lots of vitamins & minerals that are good for you! So pop your fruit in a blender to make a smoothie, or make a vegetable soup by cooking your veggies first and then blending them. The smoothies and soup can then be frozen and used as and when you need them!
  • Mix up your combos! –  If you have some food that needs using up soon but you’re stuck on what to pair it with, don’t let it go to waste! Simply use this handy tool from Love Food Hate Waste to find your food’s perfect match – and see what new combos you can cook up!
  • Cook together! – For those living in halls or house shares, cook with your roommates! If you find you’ve got more food than you need, see if they fancy creating a group meal and splitting the cost. This saves you both money and reduces food waste. Winner winner….. 😀

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Bon appetite!

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