3 areas you can waste less and save more this Christmas

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Christmas is nearly here and we hope you’re as excited as we are! There’s so much to enjoy at this time of year, from spending time with loved ones to eating copious amounts of mince pies. But it’s no secret that Christmas these days also results in a lot of waste – in fact in the UK we create 30% more waste at Christmas than any other time of the year!

So, whether it’s food waste, wasted energy, or unwanted gifts ending up in landfill, it seems that Christmas could do with a revamp.

The new theme? Green.

Check out our top ways to waste less and save more with your food, decorations and gifts this Christmas….


Food, glorious food!
  1. Portion plan – Be realistic about how much food you’ll eat and stick to a meal plan! Try this Christmas portion planner to get started.
  2. Love your leftovers – If you’re planning on cooking some epic meals over the festive period then remember, leftovers also need a bit of love this time of year. Check out our friends Love Food Hate Waste and our previous blog on this theme here.
  3. Avoid individually wrapped food and items with excess packaging! And make sure you recycle food and drinks packaging correctly where you can – see Recycle Now for advice.
  4. Buy local wherever possible – local food has a smaller carbon footprint and will also help support the local economy. Cheltenham Christmas market is here until December 14th.


Deck the hall with boughs of holly…. Fa la la la la, la la la la….!
  1. Be choosy about your decorations – looks for ones that are made from strong or eco-friendly materials, that will last. Cheap decorations are often made from thin plastic and can break easily!
  2. Buy a real Christmas tree – ensure it’s FSC- certified or search for a local seller of sustainably grown trees here.
  3. Recycle your real Christmas tree at the end of the festive period – most councils now have an allocated pick up day for recycling Christmas trees so check yours online.
  4. Pick up lovely second hand decorations from local charity stores or via Facebook Marketplace.
  5. Make your own decorations – upcycle and re-use a whole range of things – check out ’32 homemade eco-friendly Christmas decorations that look stunning’

Gift Giving

All I want for Christmas, is to reduce waste!
  1. Carry overs from last year – If you’ve got leftover cards or wrapping paper from last year, make sure you use these up first before buying any more!
  2. Try alternatives – e-cards or brown paper and string for wrapping gifts – loads more creative ideas here. And if you do have to use wrapping paper don’t forget the scrunch test for recycling!
  3. Shop local, shop ethical, shop experiences – To reduce the carbon footprint of your gifts and support local business, try to find gifts from independent retailers or local craftspeople. Or buy 2nd hand gifts from charity shops or via FB Marketplace. You could even ditch the gifts altogether and give an experience – for more tips on this check out our previous #ShopSmart blog
Happy Christmas everyone!
Nikki and the Live Smart team x

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