And the winners are….

We hope all of you out there are staying safe and keeping well during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Unfortunately the pandemic meant the Live Smart Community Festival that we were all preparing for could sadly not go ahead, but special thanks to all the entrants to our community challenge – across the board there were some creative and unique entries and a real sense of community engagement!

So to get to the nitty gritty – who were our winners?

Drumroll….here’s the big announcement…..!

Individual category

  • First prize – Yolande Boosye
  • Runner up – Ben Hughes

Group category

There were so many great entries to this category so we’ve awarded 3 prizes:

  • First prize – Elijah and Michelle
  • Runner up – Maria and Arthur
  • Runner up – Tanya, Abdul and Zuber

If you have been monitoring our social media platforms such as Facebook or our Instagram channel, you may have seen a few clips here and there on what all the challenge entrants have been up to, but if you didn’t, no problem – I’ll break it down for you.

FIRST PLACE (Individual)

Cheltenham Climate Strike (Yolande Booyse)

Yolande is a third year Ecology and Environmental Science student who took it upon herself in September 2019 to organise the Cheltenham Climate Strike. After spreading the message to course mates and friends and creating an event on Facebook, the popularity and buzz around the event blew up massively. Over 1000 people attended the Climate Strike with many members within the Cheltenham Community getting involved such as Cheltenham Ladies College, local animal protection groups, Extinction Rebellion, local businesses, the local media, and political party representatives.

Yolande said:

“The Climate Strike event supported all the UN Global Goals as climate change and climate justice link with lots of other areas of sustainability – everything from what we eat to the quality of our lives and how everything will run in the future.”

The judges said:

This had huge impact at so many levels and could not be more topical or more important for everyone in our community and for our planet. A clear winner for us”

RUNNER UP (individual)

Tewkesbury community space concept (Ben Hughes)

Hailing locally from the Tewkesbury area, Ben recognised that an old Leisure centre important to him – now no longer in use in the area would be highly beneficial to the community if some work was put into it. Ben, a graphic design student, took it upon himself to research into the local community area around the derelict Leisure centre and found it was actually right in the epicentre of a diverse range of community members. With schools and old residential homes very close by he discovered that the unused space would be a great way to improve the community and get everyone integrating and working together again.

Ben carried out all his research and designed some amazing plans and put this forward to Tewkesbury Council and received some great responses with some Council members keen to hear about his plans. Ben’s entry focuses on Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing, Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities, and Goal 17: Partnership for the goals. A great demonstration of initiative and a unique entry from Ben!

Ben said:

“My project idea would help to create a sustainable space to teach the community about greener living. It would create a space for the community to work together supporting Global Goals on Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Partnerships

The judges said:

“A really interesting submission. The partnership is ‘in development’ still but the initiative is great and this is a worthy second place”


Green Space Challenge – Elijah and Michelle

Elijah and Michelle took up the Community Green Space challenge in partnership with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. The challenge was all about creating a green space that would benefit the local community and increase biodiversity in the surrounding area.

Elijah and Michelle worked many hard hours helping to create and develop more green features in the community space and at the same time encouraging others to get involved for the benefit of good health and wellbeing.

Elijah and Michelle’s entry focused on Goal 3: Good health and wellbeing, Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities, and Goal 15: Life on land.

On behalf of the group, Elijah said:

“The highlight for us was building bird houses with members of the community that are now being used at Pittville Student Village to help increase the wildlife there”

The judges said:

“This was a strong entry for its joining up of the triple bottom line (people, planet and prosperity) and connecting wildlife concerns with community action”


Mental Health Awareness Event (Abdul, Tanya and Zuber)

Abdul, Tanya and Zuber first expressed their interest at getting involved with the Live Smart Challenge on our mini-road show tour. After spinning the Sustainability wheel (quite a few times!) and getting a better understanding about what sustainability entails and some of the UN Global Goals, they decided to use their close links with the NHS through volunteering work to come up with a challenge based on mental health and wellbeing.

All 3 students put the plan into action, coming up with an interactive workshop idea that would engage students on campus and educate them at the same time.

Abdul, Tanya, and Zuber created a Mental Health Awareness workshop with interactive tasks simulating people suffering from various mental health challenges and offering researched solutions on the best ways to support them.

On behalf of the group Abdul said:

“We had 3 Global Goals that we were looking to achieve, our first was good health and wellbeing, our second was partnerships for the goals and lastly was reducing inequalities”

The judges said:

“Mental health and wellbeing is so topical and the initiative and collaboration of this event is spot on. We’d love to see this idea developed further in the future, perhaps with an even stronger sustainability focus – making links between the natural environment and improving mental wellbeing”


Charity shop Fashion Show (Maria and Arthur)

Maria and Arthur shared plans for their ‘Fashion Show with a Twist’ – advertising reusable clothing and working with several local charity shops in order to raise awareness and show you don’t have to pay high street prices to still be fashionable.

Unfortunately due to covid-19 they have had to postpone their fashion show that was due to take place in May. Fingers crossed when all this is over they can still go ahead with their charity fashion show! We’ll keep you posted on our social media.

On behalf of the group Maria said:

“In terms of UN global goals the two we are most focused on are responsible consumption and production and sustainable cities and communities. We really hope that everyone who attends our event will take the message with them that charity shopping helps you to save money as well as save the planet and raise money for a good cause, aiding people all around the world”

The judges said:

“This one hits the spot on sustainability, both the practical environmental impact and the involvement of people and businesses. Not fully delivered on the event but still this one merits an effort prize – if not for coronavirus it might have succeeded in full!”

Now the special mentions…..

English conversation classes (Refugee Support Society)

This group partnered with Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees (CWR) and runs a regular community cafe. After National Refugee Week Ben and the society decided to set up English conversation classes to try to help refugees and asylum seekers learn basic English.

Improved language has led to improved wellbeing (global goal 3) in learners who feel more connected with the wider community. Long term this could also help them to access jobs and further reduce inequality (global goal 10).

Digital Fashion Documentary (Harry and Nicole)

Harry and Nicole partnered with two brands: ‘Carlings’ and ‘The Fabricant’ as well as various individual designers to make a documentary exploring ‘digital fashion’ as a possible solution to fast fashion and textile waste.

Digital fashion consists of clothes that you can’t physically wear, they are virtual outfits that 3D designers mould onto a photo of yourself so that you can post it online. They hope their finished film will inspire people worldwide to reduce their shopping habits and find new ways of wearing clothes (global goal 12 – responsible consumption and production)

Charity football match (Luca and Rahul)

Luca and Rahul teamed up with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to raise money for the charity who lead a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. CALM’s goal is a life less miserable for you, your friends, your family and for all men which supports the Global Goals on Health and wellbeing and Reducing Inequalities.

TV Production played Film Production in a very competitive game. We won’t say who won, but you can watch the catch up of the live stream here.

The Cloister sleepout (Sophie, Kacey-Leigh and Taylor)

This group teamed up with HaVing Gloucester and will be will be spending a whole night sleeping in the cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral later this year (postponed due to Covid) to raise money to help the homeless.

On behalf of the group Sophie said:

“We chose to take part in this fundraiser in order to highlight the issue of homelessness within our community. This event helps to take steps towards humanising homeless people by experiencing their everyday challenges. There are currently 521 homeless people within Gloucester, so we feel as though this a key issue that needs to be tackled.”

A big well-done to all the groups that took part!

All of you put so much effort in and all of us within the Sustainability team are so proud of your keenness and willingness to get involved with the community one way or another. You should all be proud of yourselves!

Finally I’d like to take a moment to thank the rest of the Sustainability Team for putting their heart and soul into all the work they do!

Take care of yourselves,

Charlotte and the Live Smart Team

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