The Big, the Bad and the Ugly Truth of Pumpkin Waste!

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween celebrations! Recently, I posted an Instagram series on sustainability and reducing our pumpkin waste over this season. So, what is there to learn?

Halloween has always been a time to get excited about getting dressed up in our best scary outfit, watching a range of horror movies until our hearts content and carving out our own pumpkins to win an ‘unofficial’ family/ friend contest of who can make the most scary looking face (and of course, with the odd snack on sweets in between meals!!)

Underneath all this enjoyment, the impact to our purse and the wider planet can undoubtably be forgotten, or even scarier- misunderstood!

The Scary Truth

12.8 million pumpkins in the UK alone are expected to go uneaten, accumulating in a lot of waste and wasted opportunities. If this was human figures we were talking about, we would be discussing the human population of the State of Pennsylvania! Why so many I hear you ask? Well… 3 in 5 people who carve their pumpkins for Halloween, don’t actually realise that they’re also completely edible! Yes, you heard that correct, that is a whopping 59%.

Don’t believe me? Check it out on here

What Can WE Do?

Pumpkins take a lot of work in order to be ready for this spooky season. From the first seed planted, buckets and buckets of water used to allow them to grow and the transport to shops to be sold. When we think of it in that way, it seems a shame to let all that go to waste for one night as a decorative piece.

To make the most out of your pumpkins, there are 3 top tips you should try to reduce your waste:

1. Scrape, Scrape, Scrape!

Make sure you get out as much of the inside of the pumpkin flesh as possible! It makes it easier to carve and gives you more flesh to cook with!

2. Carve the Whole Pumpkin!

A big mistake we all make (even me) is we mainly only carve one side of the pumpkin. This means majority of the good stuff is going unused; Cut out big faces. Get creative and carve more features on all sides

3. Save everything and try out some delicious recipes!

I decided to make a delicious pumpkin soup topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin crisps- It was delicious!

It is sad to think that some people in the world can sometimes go a day without food and yet, so much can be created from the 12.8 million pumpkins we let go to waste.

Hubbub has some great pumpkin recipes that you can try, just click here to explore your tasty options and get using that pumpkin! They also have some great hints and tips here on making your own DIY costumes to help us reuse.

So how will you re-use your pumpkin? Why not send us a photo on social media!

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