The Live Smart Community Challenge – 5 reasons why you should get involved!

Need some feel-good community vibes to get you through the next few months?

We’ve just launched an exciting mini-volunteering challenge to help you make a local difference for the UN Global Goals in covid-safe ways!

You can find out full details of the challenge and it’s big cash prizes here, but why should you get involved?

Well here’s 5 good reasons we think you’ll like!

1. It looks great on your CV!

Show future employers that you’re hard-working and passionate. Taking part in the Live Smart Community Challenge will show that you’ve taken the initiative to do something meaningful, been proactive in making a difference during the pandemic, and given back to your local community. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone like that?

2. Expand your network and make friends!

Whether it’s making new friends or making contacts in an industry you’re passionate about, volunteering can give you to opportunity to make these new connections! And you never know where that might lead…a job offer? A life-long friend? A new hobby? The possibilities are endless!

3. Make a difference in both the local and global community

The Live Smart challenges involve working with local community partner, but they are also closely linked the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development! From Quality Education and Reduced Inequalities, to Life on Land and Clean Energy, there is a chance to help make a positive difference to the global community by working in line with these targets, whilst still supporting local people and organisations.

4. It’s going to give you feel good vibes!

Studies show that the very act of giving back to the community boosts your happiness, health, and sense of wellbeing. They also indicate that good deeds are contagious! When we see someone else doing something good, we’re more likely to do something selfless as well! Imagine the chain reaction of good deeds, support and care that could happen by volunteering!

5. Be in with the chance to win ££££

With £350 up for grabs for team entries, and £150 for individual entries, there is a chance you’ll get more than just experience and good vibes from taking part in the Live Smart Challenge! There are also two runner-up prizes available, £150 for the team that comes 2nd place, and £50 for the individual runner-up!

Hopefully now you’ll see the many benefits of getting involved with the Live Smart challenge! Remember you can…

  • Discover more via our ‘Get Involved’ page here
  • Be inspired by some of last year’s entries here
  • Express your interest via the online form here

Or email us at if you have any questions about the challenge!

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