How to Equip your CV with Employability Skills, this Lockdown!

Despite us all being at home, this doesn’t mean our CV has to reflect that, there are lots of ways to boost your skill set, make a difference and make yourself stand out to future opportunities all from the comfort of your own desk!

Sustainability skills are an important factor when it comes to your future. Businesses look for individuals who can work towards goals and inspire change including an ever- growing need to translate sustainability within business strategies!

So, how can we help? Here are a couple of easy ways you can give your CV a little sparkle!

Take the Live Smart Community Challenge

We have fantastic mini- volunteering opportunities just waiting for you to sign up! The live smart community challenge is a great way to show employers that you are hardworking and passionate! Check out our earlier blog on why else you should join up here.

The challenges we have on offer match a range of skill sets, with the option of creating your own challenge based on the skills you have as well! From organising a virtual waste-free cooking event, to producing an impact case study for a large investor on their contributions to sustainability, there is a whole breadth of avenues you can explore. Check out all the remote- based challenges here.

Plus – there’s a chance to win some fantastic prize money and you can use the experience towards your Gloucestershire Employability Award.

Try out some FREE online short courses in sustainability!

Some things are always better when they’re free. Online short courses are a fantastic tool to build on knowledge, learn new skills and add another string to your bow. The great thing about these courses is they can be completed in your spare time, and at your own pace.

We’ve previously run a ‘short course Saturday’ series, so check out this handy little round up of our recommended courses. From introductions to sustainability in business, to deeper dives into topics like the circular economy and ethical leadership; these are a great way of boosting employability alongside your degree.

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