Everything you need to know about March’s challenges

The Students’ Union has officially launched Glos Goes Green 2021 getting sports teams and societies competing to take the most sustainability actions!

Each month here at Live Smart we’ll be bringing you the inside track – giving you the lowdown on why these actions make a difference, as well as how to make them easy!

So what’s in store for March?

Novice actionWatch an environmental documentary such as ‘A Life on Our Planet’

When you’ve lived as long as the legend Sir David you’ve seen a lot of change!

A lot of scary change.

This documentary gives a fascinating insight into David’s life and his first-hand experiences of humanity’s impact on nature.

Be inspired to re-think the planet’s future and learn about how you can play your part.

  • Watch the trailer here
  • Browse the ‘A Life on Our Planet’ website here
  • Watch with your team – set up a Netflix party here

If this documentary isn’t for you, never fear – there is plenty of choice. Check out this list or this list for some of our faves.

Intermediate actionTry a dairy free milk alternative

Cow’s milk has an enormous environmental impact, with every litre produced globally, adding 3kg of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere!

There are loads of great environmentally friendly and tasty alternatives. Check out this article from the BBC to see which vegan milks have the lowest impact..

Expert actionCook a Vegetarian or Vegan meal for your household

Researchers have found that cooking and eating a vegan diet could cut an individuals footprint by up to 73%- one small change with one massive outcome!!

But there are also benefits directly to you!

  • Reducing meat can save you money
  • Reducing meat can improve your health

Need some inspo?

For more about #GlosGoesGreen2021

Click the image below to see this month’s poster, and follow Grace David – Ethical and Environmental Experience Officer in the SU!

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