Everything you need to know about this month’ challenges

The Students’ Union Glos Goes Green programme is now well underway, so what challenges are in store for April and why are they important?

Novice Action – Read a Live Smart blog and learn some sustainable tips!

If you are reading this blog, then you are already on the right page! The Live Smart blogs have an array of topics you can read about- from boosting wellbeing, sustainable cooking, community involvement, equality & diversity and much more! The great thing about the Live Smart blogs, is they are all short and snappy and get straight to the point!

To get you started, here is a couple of blogs I recommend:

Intermediate Action – Use a drying rack instead of a tumble dryer to dry your clothes

Tumble dryers not only dry our clothes out, but also our purses from the energy required. Although this may take longer to dry, it is better for your clothes and the wider planet to air dry them!

If all UK households with a tumble dryer dried one load of washing outside or on a rack each week, over a million tonnes of CO2 would be saved from entering the atmosphere in a year!

Visit Love Your Clothes for more tips.

Expert Action- if you have tins of food you aren’t going to use, why not donate them to a local foodbank?

How often do you do a clear out of your cupboards and chuck away tins of food you’ve kept for a while? If you donate them, not only does this mean they will actually be used as opposed to going to landfill, but you could actually help a feed a family.

It is so much easier than you think, most major supermarkets have food bank collection points for customers to use or check the link here to find your nearest food bank donation point!

Expert action (BONUS) donate some of your old clothes or unwanted items to charity

Donating to charity not only supports a good cause, but creates a culture of re-use. Saving your pre-loved items from landfill means they can be enjoyed by others at an affordable price.

Always think before giving if you’re visiting a shop, or donate via one of the big red British Heart Foundation bins on campus. See what impact that made last year with the below extract from our Annual Sustainability Report.

For more about #GlosGoesGreen2021

Click the image below to see this month’s poster, and follow Grace David – Ethical and Environmental Experience Officer in the SU!

Take part and have fun!

Will from Live Smart

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