Last but not least, May challenges!

This blog compliments the final Glos Goes Green challenges set by our amazing Ethical and Environmental Experience Officer, Grace!

So, what challenges are there this month and why are they important?

Novice Action- Reuse your empty jars and give them a second life!

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You may not know it, but jars are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways! From using them to pot some new plants (great for helping with mindfulness for bonus points ), to serving up your favourite cocktail- the possibilities really are endless!

By reusing, this helps with combatting waste and the ‘throw away’ culture we can quite easily fall into!

Still not sure where to start? Check out this handy blog of 25 ways in which you can reuse your glass jars here!

Intermediate Action- Use eco-friendly cleaning products!

Water on Earth is becoming increasingly scarce and the volume of harmful cleaning products we use polluting our natural water source, definitely is helping the situation! Buying eco-friendly cleaning products is definitely a step we should all take.

Be careful though – don’t just buy products because they’re labelled as being ‘eco-friendly’. This is where you could fall into a trap of being greenwashed! Instead, maybe try eco-friendly cleaning products that can be refilled! Check out Smol to look at beginners packs here! Or visit local business like Food Loose in Cheltenham.

Expert Action- Take on a new sport or challenge and get sponsored for a charity who are dedicated to protecting the environment!

This is a great way to get active, join and do a sport/ challenge you enjoy and raise money for good causes all at once, hence why it forms the expert action for this month’s challenge!

There are numerous charities you can work alongside to raise money for, here is a few examples:

Doing something that makes a positive impact, really helps build our confidence and wellbeing! It’s infectious, so give it a go and have fun!

For more on #GlosGoesGreen2021

Click on the image below to see this months poster and of course, follow Grace our Ethical and Environmental Experience Officer!


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Have fun and for the final time this academic year, take part!

Will from Live Smart

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