How to Live Smart at UoG this year

Welcome (back) to UoG where we care about you, and about the planet.

I’m Will, 3rd year Geography student and Live Smart Co-ordinator and I’m here with all the student hacks to help you live a little smarter. That means boosting your wellbeing, saving money, and connecting with your local community whilst also protecting the planet.

You’ll be hearing more from me through the year, but here’s 5 things to get you started:

1. Visit our gardening and wellbeing spaces

Did you know that gardening is shown to reduce anxiety by 26% and a massive 30% of people are more likely to report their health as ‘excellent’ by immersing themselves within nature?

If you want to benefit from a similar wellbeing boost, our campus community gardens and growing spaces have got you covered.

Our newest garden at Park Campus offers a peaceful retreat from uni life, but is also a space to meet pals for lunch, grow veg, make friends, or take part in some of our wellbeing activities.

Want to get involved?

We have regular sessions on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon as well as flexible ways to take part at other times.

Find out more here, or email me for details:

2. Tune into our new podcast: Live Smart Investigates…

Do you understand the true meaning of the term ‘Greenwashing’? Ever wanted to understand the true carbon footprint of the very device you’re reading this blog from? Or maybe you’re looking for some easy to follow tips on how to live more sustainably?

Whatever it may be, Live Smart has well and truly placed this electric vehicle into 5th gear and is pleased to introduce the start up of our brand-new podcast series ‘Live Smart Investigates’.

To get more of a head start and to listen to our first ‘introduction’ podcast, click here

If you have a sustainable topic that you want Live Smart to discuss, then get in touch and let us know!

3. Keep an eye out for our blogs

Written by students for you, they cover an array of interesting and important topics and include practical and easy things you can take away to live a little smarter!

See some of our previous blogs here.

We are always looking for students to help us write, so if you have a sustainable topic in mind, or would be interested in writing one for one of our briefs, then get in touch!

4. Join our Sustainability Community Group!

At Live Smart, we created this group for likeminded people to come together and socialise. This is a space for students to address sustainability within the university and in the wider community to help improve the future of you and the wider planet.

Whether your passion is within Climate Change, water scarcity, gender equality or wellbeing, there is a space for you within this group so come and join our team of change makers!

So, what can you do?

  • Draft and write blogs about your sustainable passion!
  • Give us ideas of what you think the university should be doing for sustainability
  • Engage in social media takeovers using our account to showcase your favourite hacks/tips
  • Come along to fun filled social events with the rest of the group to unwind, talk and make friends!

5. Get on your bike and travel smart

Did you know the biggest difference students can make to reduce the University’s carbon emissions is actually to walk or cycle instead of driving?

But wait – living smarter isn’t just about us and about the planet, it’s about YOU!

Smart travel can often be faster than driving in rush hour as well as saving you money on all the gym memberships you won’t need, and helping you feel healthier and more focused on your studies.

Got a bike, but need it fixing up?

To help make this easier for you, we organise our very own Dr. Bike events- where you can bring your bike along to receive a FREE bike safety check up and includes any minor repairs! The only cost is if anything needs replacing! Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

How can you keep up to date and get involved?

That’s all for now, but follow our social media accounts (TwitterFacebook or Instagram) and send us a direct message if you want to know more! You can also do this by emailing:

I hope this blog has got you excited for the year to come, and any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

See you soon!

Will from Live Smart

To find out more about me and my Live Smart partner in crime, Nikki – visit our team pages here.

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