Smart travel – how you could benefit from switching up your campus commute

As part of our new Carbon Strategy, we are aiming to reach net-zero by 2030, and you can help us achieve this! As we are tackling all 3 Scopes of emissions in our strategy, this includes the way our staff and students travel to campus. So by switching to smarter, low-carbon alternatives such as taking public transport, cycling or walking, you can help us achieve our net-zero goal! This is also one of the best ways to reduce your individual carbon footprint as well!

Now low or zero-carbon travel options are great for the environment, but they also provide some excellent benefits to you as an individual! Based on our latest travel survey (2020), 35% of our staff and 65% of our students are already experiencing these benefits by choosing sustainable, low-carbon travel options.

Here are 8 Smart Travel bonuses that you can benefit from!

1. Walk and Talk!

Opting for a stroll over other means of transport can be a great opportunity to socialise with friends as you head to lectures! Socialising is shown to increase dopamine in the body, making us feel happier! It’s also great for building confidence, decreasing feelings of depression and even boosts our immune system and cognitive functions!

2. Learn on the move

By taking the bus instead of driving, you can make better use of your time! You could do some reading for work or your degree, make a plan for your day to get organised, or even listen to our sustainability podcast Live Smart Investigates to boost your knowledge around some key topics!

3. Boost local air quality

By walking, cycling or taking the bus you’re reducing the amount of emissions being emitted into the atmosphere, thus improving the local air quality! This is better for your respiratory health and the health of the environment!

4. Break up with Gym

Cycling and walking are two great ways to travel smarter as they’re great at keeping you fit and are much cheaper than the gym! Even the cheapest gym memberships are around £300 a year! Surely you can think of something better to spend that on? Maybe a bike if you don’t have one yet! You can pick them up second hand from places like Facebook Marketplace or Cheltenham Charity Bike Shop.

5. It’s a win-win for fitness!

It is recommended that adults do 30 minutes of exercise each day, 5 days a week… so your smart commute to campus could double up as this exercise if you walk or cycle!

6. Beat the traffic

There are multiple bus lanes across Cheltenham and Gloucester, so often buses are a faster option than driving because they can beat much of the traffic. But cycling can often be even quicker, and in some cases even walking can be too! There are plenty of cycle lanes and footpaths through the parks and town that provide a more direct route between campuses, rather than going by road. So, whether you cycle or walk, you won’t have to sit in the congestion. And if you take the bus, you’ll likely skip much of it and when there is a little traffic, you can just sit back and catch up on some work or listen to some tunes whilst you wait! A much more relaxed journey!

Source –

7. Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Starting your day with some light exercise such as cycling, running or walking to campus or work has been shown to make people feel more energised for the rest of the day! A combination of the endorphins, fresh air and jump-starting your metabolism all make for a much more productive day.

8. Better quality Zzzz…

Being outdoors in the natural morning light helps your body to better manage its internal clock, helping you to get better quality sleep at night. And the effects of walking on your sleep quality are almost immediate! So walking or cycling to campus will also help your get some top quality Zzzz’s in.

Source : Sleep Better Live Better

So to reap all these benefits, reduce your carbon footprint and help us at UoG reach our net-zero target, make the switch to smart travel today!

Discover more about bus routes and student passes here.

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